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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Agathe Clery

Agathe Clery 2*
about the predicament of a white racist woman one day got sick and became black, then turned back to white again. (This idea could be the stuff of many movies...)

A great cast of dancers - whats very good is that they are all very different, with many body types. But the story, and the singing - too caricatural and cynical, no real intention to understand human issues - this movie is an empty envelope, its not a light way to treat a serious issue in France as the star proclaims, its just empty. What if the Agathe Clery marries a black man after all this racist then reverse racist experiences ? The story is so rough - as if its really a touchy subject, better becareful of what you are about to say... Its a series of dancing postcards - and Valerie Lemercier can dance. I saw her in a one woman show a few years ago, she has choreographed nice dancing body movements, original dancing gestures. Or, in this film, has it been helped with much special effects? The camera moves so fast, you cant really see whats going on. Its a musical but for some reason it doesnt have the charm of the oldies. It feels like running out of ideas, now you do this.

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