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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

lucky money, saving money, hair changes,

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 91 :: Changing hair as often as I like!

One of the reasons for using sl :: top 100 ::
number 92 :: Saving money!

One of the all time favorite use is to create training sites for virtual meetings with staff for training purpose, for example - to desactiver dangerous objects, or running standard machineries etc. This is a big money saver for large corporations. Not the most glamourous use of sl, but a sensible choice from expenses point of view. I see samples of it in every conference. Is it more fun for the worker? Do they prefer the real life learning or simple and quick, an sl simulation?

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 93 :: Lucky money

Every now and then, I visit a favorite sim - for example Amemura- from the beginning of my sl time, and little by little the nostalgic sweet smell gets fainter and fainter as the streetscape evolve into empty malls, orderly quaint cozy streets and empty shops. Financial tsunami has hit sl too! Then, somebody invented "finding money on the street" to increase traffic. Money appear on the pavement as i ride my bike visiting the old neighbourhood - I find linden bills waving their little hands at me... but with this new gimmick, the sim has lost the charm it had previously. This $bill somehow destroys the fun of riding on the street.

I want to make a Plum blossom tree with red lucky money envelopes in it for Chinese New Year - maybe i could customise a ready made money tree? Instead of maple leaves, plum blossoms and instead of Linden dollars, red envelopes with interesting content.

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