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Friday, 5 December 2008

2018, Roadmap Writer, Mobile Music, 24hr Digital Guqin software, Evelyn Glennie

Installation at Water, what would still be good at 2018? Maybe the Guqin and Digital Guqin Museum will be up and still around? Given 3000years track record for the guqin, I am just adding a drop in the sea. This is the Virtual World Model. Come visit! Try the guqin, play, listen, do you like the sound? Begin with listening Wonderful talk on listening by a master musician - whos born deaf - Evelyn Glennie :)

Competition for 2018, what will happen in 10 years time?

Professor Roadmap Writer has set up a Competition, what would be useful and still valid in ten years time?
More coming. Swannjie was sent to set up the Mobile Digital Guqin Museum, in ten years time, the Guqin will still be around. Emperor Song HuiZhongs painting of Listening to the Guqin will still be as good as ever. Swannjies contribution is to create a Mobile vehicle where Master players could be invited to perform in various beautiful settings in the world in sl and in rl.

Emperor Song HuiZhong had a Wanqin Tang 『萬琴堂』 ("10,000 Qin Hall") at his palace.

This Mobile Music is a special space where once you enter you are immediately transported to an intimate time and space for yourself. A first rl trial was made of white luxury grade lambskin, exhibited at Poznan Chateau 2006 (yes, where Hitler used to speak from a certain balcony)so you could imagine the size, style and physical quality of the host building. The lambskin Mobile Music was set up with an installation of a 24hour non repeating Digital Guqin music software - audiences loved the beyond time intemporal feeling of this space.

Mobile Music is now available for the first time in sl, specially designed for sl, the sl community, and for rl Virtual World Immersive experience.

We will bring the Mobile Music space from place to place, see what sl people think. Sl avatars are an self determined aspect of rl people. They have reasons to be in sl - each one in their own specific personal context. Can the Mobile Digital Guqin Museum space bring people special moments - calling all the way from 3000 years ago, coming directly in our techkie-centric world, going beyond the rl everyday ?

Some suggestions of when to play and when to not play the guqin from the ancient (yes, they documented everything, including when how why), to be adjusted according to your own preferences and interpretation... :)


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