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Monday, 29 December 2008

Toronto boxing day, dressing up

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 85 :: Fine Jewellery :: sl Jewellery is made using tiny prims. And yes, it makes a difference to the avatar - just like in real life.

Toronto Boxing Day, people run in and buy buy buy. I discovered Titanium rings - I like this material, super strong, its what people use to make drill bits out of... imagine! I like the hard cool metal - these rings comes in many different styles, polished, unpolished, very shiny etc. You could buy single rings, or double pairs for mariage purposes. I bought 2 rings, small diamond costume jewellery, and squarish single diamond set, two titanium glossy rings. Now, I understand why Lagerfeld has all this stuff all over his hand... its fun, and its also a very specialize design area.

Then furs, I have this very nice couture rabbit fur long shin length coat, with frizzy sheep fur collar and cuffs - I took the cuffs off as it might get very messy it covers my fingers plus one palm length. The color is of a sable reddish brown. Very pretty. K said, the rabbits furs we find here are short coats and never this nice. I think they took just the backs of the rabbits and stitched it together into one large surface. Its seamless one piece unlike the little clumps of gray white gold type of rabbit fur.

And wind was 110miles per hour, icy. It was fun to walk outside but not too long.
I had these Salomon apres-ski short ankle booties - very warm - looks like kung fu shoes. And a top hat in felt wool, light gray.

Everyone was not dressed warm enough, I could see that they were chilled to the bones, as they ran in little steps here and there. They were hiding behind embrellas, trees, while we visited this open air park for the sleeping at Mount Pleasant and Pine Hill.

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