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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Avatar Parade at FlyingSoul Scribes Studio, Live at Grand Palais Paris

Live at Grand Palais, Paris. met Nick Rhodes and FlyingSoul Scribe, Yooma, Elora, and many other friends

Swannjie waternymph outfit - one of the earlist concert attire, used at Club Fabulous Tokyo, owner Taka Teatime

Swannjie cerise outfit, Greenie Guitar on Kitchen table concert attire, outfit presented by Saitot Tammas of Misty Cybermare Group

Swannjie wearing Plum Snow kungfu silk pants, floral gold inlaid lacquered geta flip-flop by Rumi Simpson to achieve a relaxed entertainment for self look.

Yooma, the high quality designer of nostalgic Japanese beach. Many fancy wrist and waist accessories.

Elora, sexy Owl Bay Island owner. Realistic persons face.

FlyingSoul Scribe and guest av, Swannjie in cerise outfit

Inside the light tube, resting on witch broom bed by HiRop, HiRop could be found at Little Heaven.

Light tube and studio

Swannjie trying the war dance animation

FlyingSoul Scribe in real life running the Studio

This is playback of the real life scene so sl people can see whats in rl at Grand Palais.

Swimming animation preset into the pose

Playing testing what animations are possible in front of the camera.

Testing with Guqin, I have to wear the guqin! And best available pose is the folding arm one.

Mobile Digital Guqin Museum is on hand for waiting comforts, just in case... some food, sleeping futon etc are on hand. Life is full of such waiting moments. Be sure to have a good book and food with you!

Mixed Reality with FlyingSoul Scribes Studio installation at Grand Palais, 18dec - 30dec08
I received an slurl from FlyingSoul, so I played around in his studio for a few hours! Yes, a few hours!! Since there was nobody there. Very good, I find this installation is high quality and such a fine set up. The studio is planned so avatars could land, play around in a light tube first; then go into the waiting area - on sofa and globe chairs - then sit on pose ball - exported into the stage - people could wait in a line, not to leave an empty stage. I was number 147 on the counter.

Swannjie tried to play the Guqin infront of the live audience, hmmm.
Are there sounds on site? To do more than the few animations proposed, we need more preparations, trying out workable positions etc.
Such a wonderful interface designed ready to go and with real life live audiences too.


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