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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Hamlet Au, Ken March, China Tracy, RMB city

RMB City was opened yesterday with an interview of China Tracy, Ken March, Hamlet Au. I didnt see anyone else on sl site - however I only got home around 2am, so maybe the interview had gone a fair bit alreay.

This is an instance of a sim in sl, launched also in rl at an art gallery. It would be nice if there were video cams to show the rl situation to the sl people.

The RMB city will be built over the summer. China Tracy is the developer.

Hamlet and Ken came to visit the Digital Guqin museum, which had mainly the garden and guqin instrument.

So many things to be done yet.

Anyway Hamlet said i should make an event and inform him, so he could talk about it in the blog.

I wish to promote Ancient Fine Chinese culture. It is a lot slower - due to archeology and virtual model making. Two phases.

If i had an existing body of raw data, I would have mainly the virtual model part to do.

It is a big bite. So maybe i will limit this to a small area... right now, it is way too big.

Maybe make a tiny convivial space first. Everything starts somewhere.

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