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Monday, 10 March 2008

Snakekiss Noir, Limitations of sl, is there really a Secondlife, antique book dealer

Talked to SnakeKiss Noir, I wanted to know after 5 years why would she consider quitting sl? 5 years is a long time, what kept her interested in the "game" and why is she thinking of quitting? In sl, she is a landscape designer, and lover of all ancient music, including the koto and samisen.

Her unhappiness with sl is due to the limitations of the av expressions. She wants to have bigger body parts and as is, its not possible. Additional body parts are not flexi, etc. Not natural. She changed costumes to have photos taken, but prefered to change back to her original short skirt when we were just chatting.

She was wearing a knee length giant size ivory white color male penis, which hung down beneath the mini skirt that she wore. The top part of her petite body had mega size breasts. She explained clearly what she does in rl, which is a sex service. It was a straight forward description of a famous sex service - where males practice public group sex by spilling their sperm onto a female - a young woman usually. Big stars command a lot of money, thousands times more than working in an office. The girl must be physically strong, as she has to work all the men, and it takes time. She must also be able to consume unlimited amount of birds milk. Basically it is a profession for the youthful ones. However, due to the Western tourists way of using this art form, its become highly commercialised and mainly about money - not so much about finesse and grace. The profession has changed.

Snakekiss Noir was eloquent. She also added that, this art form is not satifactory in sl because Linden scripts are not able to make the texture and flow of semen realistic, its not sticky, doesnt flow correctly. So, there isnt any such clubs that would work properly in the essence of the act.

I tried to understand what keeps someone playing for 5 years and what are the short comings of the sl platform? Like a lot of avatars, people come into sl to do things not possible in rl, or to gain augmented reality, augment or immerse in a separate reality.

Mainly, for Snakekiss, its the body avatar limitations. She couldnt achieve the body image that she wants and Linden Lab made no improvements after so many years of waiting. She couldnt achieve her dream shape in sl.

So I looked up the proper term through wikipedia.
Bukaki is well known, some Youtubes, and even, young school girls playing at a fun version of bukaki birthday parties! The Birthday girl got wrapped entirely in the blue strings - cocooned inside. This means, bukaki has gone from underground filtered to be used in non-sexual games ! This video shows the girls having fun squirting strings over the target. The humiliation of the target is not there, just a fun repetition of something they knew? Like children pretending to smoke? Or playing ganster?

I have seen another kind of fetish entertainment before - from a magazine - I think Marie Claire. A young pretty women lies naked with slices of raw fish - sashimi - laid out on her body. Her body serves as a kind of giant live platter. And men sit all around and eat the raw fish piece by piece - she is no more than a pretty living plateau, or is she? The young women says its very hard to do this job, even though there is no danger - psychologically its very hard. They are well paid and they do it for a few years and leave.

Previous to this, i saw a live perfomance many years ago, of an artist, he laid down in the middle of a room, bare. With a plastic cover? or nude? or table cloth over hismself. and people simulate digging into him to pull out fruits to eat.

The person serving as plateau submits to a public act, that of being "eaten alive".

Not all jobs could be done by all people. Some are able to do it, and others are not.

Can we change profession easily?
For example, can a software engineer convert into an antique book dealer? In what way does he enjoy his new profession?

In real life, is there really a Secondlife?

In our Secondlife, is it a make believe play, or can you really make it Secondlife? Dont we build our secondlife from our first life?

The converted antique book dealer is interested in pretty pictures, and the sense of touch of the papers, smell of old leather... history of old stories, but he doesnt go maniac over details - such as which edition and variants of the book, whether the edges are a little frayed or too frayed. etc. He mainly likes to organise the titles, the year, the clarity of his database to his inventory collection. :)

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