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Friday, 29 February 2008

RMB city, Cao Fei, chinese checkers

I wanted to know how to get the L'Oreal Paris skin, how come the bag has only pencils?

I went back. Useless, bag is still on the floor.

Then, I googled. Found a site which mentioned about the Greenies and L'Oreal collaboration. And a side line about Cao Feis, RMB city in Secondlife.

RMB City! I checked and found an impressive, enormous catalogue of work and beautiful online archives.

It is cross disciplinary, exciting, solid research work. I also like the clean interface. Gray and red. Chinese and English.

I first saw Cao Feis work at Venise biennale - China Tracy.

What i gather is this, if you continue doing whatever you do, in the end you will find it. I go from freebie make up and end up seeing the most wanted on my wish list.

How do you account for that?

They say there is only 6 steps from your point of departure to the target when you want to link up point A to B.

This always amazes me. Are we really that free?

If I let you do whatever you want, in the end, you will still be doing more or less what you normally do.

Anyway, I am happy that i found this treasure.

Reading in sight.

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