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Sunday, 16 March 2008

China sl, virtual world in China, Ancient Indian flying machines/houses

Hamlet Aus trip to Beijing China, an old blog - just discovered.

The same blog tranlated into Chinese by Tzigane. :)

Great firewall of China
and the virtual world.

Chinese immersive world HiPiHi

Reading : news on SanXingDui - origins of this culture is the ancient Jewish people?

Parallels to the Pale Ink book, and the subsequent follows ups, investigations in North America of the British Columbian sightings of Chinese rock carvings.

Stories on the Fusang tree. Mexico and China.

Must visit: Senor José Ostiz de Tapia has now in New York a museum of Mexican antiquities

Indian flying machines/houses in a rare text, "channeled" through a writer in Sankrit, tranlated into English, orphaned copyrights, e-book on a very interesting site, sacret text com. free.

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