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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

xo olpc, olpp, mouse powered olpc, intel pc, and others

I was trying out my guqin at this Neptune place... famous for the lighting

suddenly, i saw at on the counter, an amazing laptop computer, no electricity, beautiful, my favorite keyboard ... and and telex. plus all these other inventions all put into work.

I started to call my friend using my new freebie - OLPP : one laptop per person (real name is Hobo laptop Computer - but I am not too crazy about the smell of it, so i call it the latest current in-name - OLPP - powered by a dear friend with work ethics, better than a handcrank, unrestricted by day light hours, and very very energy conscious machine - Swannjiejie was there, and she is witness to our dedication, good idea, she said.

Actually the discovery really happpened this morning, I tried to rezz it at home, but had to go to a 1000 prim sandbox instead.

The real story:

This computer maybe energy efficient, but its 94 prims - not rezzable on my land - so I had to re-stage the photo session in the Iron Fist bar, because it looks more dramatic. I wanted to show you the star and soul of this machine our the tireless Mouse - the source of power.

I love computers.

Show you my personal collection.

Computer designed by Arcadia - mouse powered

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