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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

China Tracy blog (Cao Fei), Ou Ning blog, Chinese contemporary art, architecture, Hong Kong bookstore news, John John

China Tracy Youtube videos and blogs, very interesting and well made, alive. This is art using the sl medium.

Ou Ning blog - very informative news on Chinese contemporary art and culture. I am happy to come across this url.

I am impressed by the quantity and quality of the work - the writing, the activities, do they ever sleep?

A new place to check everyday, when do i see something built? How fast the progress, and what are the schedule of events? Very interesting case. :)

1// I first saw the China Tracy work at Venice Biennale, but there was literally no sign, or maybe i just somehow missed it? However in the catalogue there was a picture of an sl avatar named China Tracy.

2//There was a launch last week in rl at a New York Gallery. And in sl at RMB city with China Tracy, Ken March and Hamlet Au.

3// A pleasant pop video of RMB city in YouTube. Very nice video. Slick entertainment.

What happens next?

Film viewed:

John John (Foster Child) 2*

Documentary styled fiction. Actress, Cherry Pie is very good. Natural, reminds me of a friends home helper. I see the kindness and humanity, maybe even the precious part of being in poverty? Its a lot warmer in the people relationships. As one critic says, we live in it, why pay cinema ticket price to go see more of the same? We want to feel happiness, amusement, not more of the same. And the viewer is absolutely right. This is the same for HK films. People want to be entertained for their movie viewing experience - and we all know that to make people laugh is so important, and sooooo hard.

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