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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Open Ended art work, xo olpc review, Archidemo, phantom objects in rl

Archidemo presented this Japanese video as a Phantom going through walls in rl.
When I looked at it, it reminds me of a "Chaos" game that I set up earlier.

The "Chaos" game is - is there order in a body of randomly selected elements of any set? Based on an experiment set up by James Gleick in his book "Chaos".

Does random events repeat itself anyway? What makes the "ordering" device generate the repetition, or pattern, if any?

So I tested James Gleicks theory with painting using water colors, now, seeing this video, the same randomly selected frames could be gathered to see what pattern occurs? Does it occur in a large scale and a small scale etc. Very interesting. Open ended work.

xo olpc review by pc tests - as a computer compared to Eeepc (it does not look at the innovation, esthetic, educational, or the charm of the xo; mainly a technical comparison. Which is good. We need to see performance, and Charm.

Sometimes we judge something not based on performance, but on something non-quantifiable, which is often fragile but all important - charm.

Charm does not come every day, and there is no formula for reproducing it either. :)


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