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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Asperger`s, Torley, Autism, Snakekiss, Rose Bed for 2

I decided to read Hamlet Au blog to understand sl more - since he was the in-house reporter for sl.

Today, i saw Asperger`s syndrome - something new, i thought Autistic people only can communicate with themselves. And surprise Torley, the person who made tiny prim video has Asperger`s. But in the video, hes really lively - i would never immagine anything remotely autistic linked to this person who speaks a mile a minute.

More understanding of the world for me!

I have a very good friend his son has ADHD who is a genius pianist. When you see him play its fantastic. Now, he was very friendly and self assured and was MC for the concert.

I think so many things in the world that we dont know about. we must not judge right away. Give others time and patience.

Met my friend Inuyasha (he has a chinese name in his label above his head now, now i see its Ghost Dog Devil - previous to this, I only knew the English translation of his name. In English its just a Mangaish label - but in Chinese, its full fledged devil, a bad guy from hell - but Inuyasha is a great artist and not at all devilish. :) kind and competant he answers my beginner technical questions with solid informative details. He told me of his castle - which is facing un uncertain future - the landowner is Snakekiss Noir. His description of her is very interesting. So I looked up her name, and ta ta... we find an entry by Hamlet about her!

1 comment:

Torley said...

Thanx for noticing me! My "liveliness" comes from years of practice, and to think, I still have fears to conquer! Humor has been a blessing when it comes to communication difficulties, and I started making video tutorials to help improve my self-confidence, and show others how easy it really is if you don't overthink it.

Take care!