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Sunday, 9 March 2008

xo olpc CeBit Austria, Pixel Qi, Mary Lou Jepsen

xo bag, open source computer, open source bag. :) I love this!

xo olpc is negotiating with China! I am very excited about this.

New product from the researcher designer Mary Lou Jepsen who was the creator of the olpc screen and energy efficient features of the xo olpc - she left to form Pixel Qi, (haha, Qi !! Chinese anything are really in fashion.) - a new, better than xo olpc computer, a 75$ computer! The Pixel Qi brings fresh air to us. I like to have an xo olpc, but it is now a rich persons toy where i live - its the latest fun thing to have, everybody asks where is the hand crank - including me of course.

I have always wondered, if its good for third world countries, why is it not available in say, the rest of the world? Lots of poor, needy people in America, in Europe too.

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