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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

George Sand, There will be blood, FileMaker, Ma ke, KK

Parisian museum of Romantics 3*

Very pretty house, with objects from George Sand, gardens, twin atelier. 12 rue Chaptel Paris, 75009

KK showed me a picture of her grandmother on her mother side, such a huge house!!
And furniture from her architect husband. I like them. Fine, proportions. Beautiful and earthy wood. Beautiful beautiful. Italians are very good at this, old age, dust, sun light, this layering of history makes the place beautiful. Timelessness.

Film viewed:

There will be blood 3*

Very good performance overall, very good effects - the music is terrible. What if the movie was a silent flick? The preacher is just as greasy-awful as the oil man. The story is missing some central motor. Finer surfaces of the characters interior were never entered into. Dramatic scenario. But still empty. We see fire, accidents, but not moving. Just being ambiguous is not enough - ambiguoity does not mean "open endedness of interpretation" here. Lots of details missing.

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