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Friday, 28 March 2008

75$us Pixel Qi, 225us$ xo olpc, 0$linden Hobo net computer, art in sl, beanbag, Bambam Sachertorte

Scripted Beanbag by BamBam Sachertorte, our DGM Plum texture

Very nice pre-fab use of futura house - into a Grudge industrial shop. For some reason, its the glamour of grudge, reminds me of Hong Kong.

Inside the shop, very stylish, video screens showing snow flashes, green retro computer day... and the homeless shacks of city dwellers with no place of their own. The "No-Fixed-Address" style of dwelling. (not cheap, unlike the freebie Hobo shacks with bunk beds, these are glamourous overdose carefully treated, rusty places... hahahah)

See the surroundings? All chic expensive shops, 3000linden skins, and make-ups. We see no crowd here, all empty. But stylishly empty, as it should be in rl.

I will put this logo on my xo olpc computer - talk to Swannjie, she will use her keyboard... hahahah

Pixel Qi

75$us Pixel Qi, 225us$ (G1G1=450us min) xo olpc, 0$linden Hobo net computer, and others

sticky keyboard fix
ehow to...

A summary of Art in Secondlife

BamBam Sachertorte made a beanbag that changes poses, and shape.

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