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Friday, 7 March 2008

sl artists, Brooklyn is watching, sl and only sl, oldest avatar

A window into real life. A Brooklyn Gallery installed a permanent window, if you go to this place, you could be seen by anyone looking in - say Hi from sl to rl. :)

I talked to two friends today, they are great artists doing very special precision creations in sl. They would give anything to travel in rl, but due to illness, they are mainly expressing through sl.

They told me of an avatar who began in 2003! The oldests avatar I know. Would like to interview her.

Someone who stayed in sl for 5 years, is a fairly long time!

1 comment:

earlyadopter said...

Thanks for the mention, we're hoping Brooklyn is Watching will become a reality-spanning community over time- tell anyone you know in brooklyn to go by during gallery hours- if they mention this blog post and i'm there, they can have a beer on me - i'm going to say when i'm at the gallery on my twitter feed - tomorrow i'll be there from about noon to about 2pm