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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Digital Guqin player on a flower, clothes : sl -> rl, Guqin Concert on Greenie Guitar

I visited Saitot, Misty Cyber Mare, she bought a new tree... now, thats real living. This is a photo by Saitot. Wonderful! Good time. rl sl a tree with shades is magnificent.

Digital Guqin players will be exported to a rl painting. In sl, avatars are miniature versions of a real person - whether its in the image of the real person, or in the essence of the person controlling the avatar - they are schematic representations of a body.

What will happen if i take the schematic outline and make a real painting based on the outline?

Back to secondlife, next, I must make some custom Chinese clothes - each experiment should explore different sets of skills.

Doublehappiness jeans - an installation from sl to rl at SunDance festival - ha, I really like this idea! But i would want to print it out really in cloth for long lasting wearing, not just as an "art" piece. Its Art, but must be bona fide useful too.

And I re-visited Greenies again, the purple glass gallery reminds me of Toyo Itos building :) Finally i discovered the tour begins from the Bread box, and it flies around the kitchen. I landed on the guitar, and compared the size of the guitar to my guqin. Its HUGE. I played the guqin and some avatars stopped to listen.

Greenies is a sim that has constant visitors without any particular activity nor camping. It is also generous, I could rezz and play my guqin without problems! That is really nice, you really feel welcomed.

To give you an idea of the scale of a small part of the greenie sim. Here is an aerial view of just the kitchen area. The guitar sits on the kitchen table.


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Great picture Swann :-)
please tell more, your style is in a hurry....

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