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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Not Possible in real life, sl only! Chris Marker, Ben X, Darjeeling Ltd, Natali Portman

Chris Marker in Secondlife,Not Possible in real life, sl only! Found this site through the link from NWN (Hamlet Au blog)

Film viewed:
Ben X 3*

Ben X, a film about a young man Ben who plays immersive video games, with Asberger syndrome - a form of autisme - taunted in highschool - in real life, he killed himself. In the movie, he did a symbolic suicide but was saved in the end and continued to live on a farm with animals. I first heard about Asberger Syndrome in Secondlife and was surprised to learn that autistic children can write very well. It is only that they are too sensitive so they do not use the normal means of communication of emotional feelings. The movie uses a lot of video footage with machinema combined with docu-drama footages. An important movie. No one deserves to be singled out and humiliated. Our society needs to learn more about others. Bullies must be punished and not let go free. It was a little hard to watch at times. Reminds me of secondlife and the players, and friends in secondlife. We can never be too careful, we just dont know who are the people behind the avatars. We must be very careful.

Darjeeling Ltd. 2.5*

Wes Andersons film about spiritual journey, background is set in the well to do family and the problems between siblings. Hotel Chevelier romance and fancy embossed leather luggage. Natali Portman was in a short film which introduces the story of the writer brother played by Jason Swartzman... she was bruised, nude, holds a strange mannequin total nudity pose, very stylised yummy. But why? What for? We all enjoy looking at an intelligent, pretty girl all nude, and from Harvard!
But why? The film lacked depth - unlike the previous Wes Anderson film, it hasnt got the kookie freshness. Its a formula of disfunctional rich family stories thats gone - stale.

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