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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Enjoy the Kindergarten of sl before exiting to rl !!! A Digital Guqin Museum Service

University of Southern Mississippi, Pace University :: collaboration with Digital Guqin Museum Services.
DGM Services include: Design and build, program design, interpretation of Oracle Poems, evaluation of existing design object and performances, live events, conception and realisation of sl experiences with the target of outputting to real life.

Enjoy the Kindergarten of sl before exiting to the adult rl !!!

University of Southern Mississippi has made 3 Oracle Poem Givers according to client specifications (client is me). They are very good!!!

I will show you a photo of all three objects.
Object 1// Gumball Machine
Object 2// Roulette Wheel
Object 3// Chinese Medicine Cabinet with 100 drawers

The Gumball Machine is superbe, balls are rezzed - as many as you want - with jumping balls and non jumping balls, very colorful in a glass globe.

Once you paid an amount, $1 linden, you can retrieve a ball which slides down a cuving tube
the ball will bring you a Poem. The Oracle Poems are authentic Wong Dai Sin Oracle Poems...

Object 2// you click and a ball is rezzed and pretends to fall into a slot, and you get a poem

Object 3// a Chinese medicine cabinet that the students have gone to researched for an original model; once a payment is made, the user chooses a number from 1-100, speaks it, the corresponding drawer will pop open and a Poem is delivered. The Poem will be randomly attributed to the drawers.

So the same drawer called twice will contain different poems.

I will put up some pics once I get around to it.

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