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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Swann, Proust, comic book, Guttenberg Project, Gallimard

Swann is a character in the big book of Proust. Swann with two n's, not Swan the long necked bird.

I have wanted to read Proust for a long time now. I had collected the paper back versions, Folio. Earlier ones and later ones. But never opened any of them. Like a lot of my books, I just enjoy knowing that they are there, ready to go, when the moment comes.

Right now, over the years, I am more and more ready. I have on my shelf, a comic book version - in Chinese : in the style of TinTin the Belgian comic book clean line drawings; a Guttenberg version - pure text in English - free, and the leather bound Gallimard 7 vols. in French with illustrations - a gift from Swannjie Jie.

Sl is a type of animation. Now I think of He Youzhis words, aren't we playing out some kind of story in a miniature manner?

The stories created together with other avatars, are they really that interesting? If you told of your sl lives, how does it compare with your life in rl ? - Since there is a drastic reduction of details - and whatever detail thats given, it is rough and to tell you the truth - totally unattractive, if you were an observer, and not the player.

A comic book, in 166 pages, selected section of the novel has been drawn in flat clean lines. Dialogues reveal samples of sentiments of the great writer.

The English version, translated with original details followed closely.

Then, the real thing.


Time for tea and small sweets.

I arrange my big fat feather pillows on the red sofa, next to the window opening onto the garden with white blossoms from some fruit tree.

Snow white, it flowered so early this year!

The Bucket List 1.5*

Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman. In homes and hospitals and famous scenes, like Great Wall of China, Himalaya... etc etc. car racing... all in hors d'oeuvres form, quick and postcard shot, one two three. Done. Finished. A car mechanics home thats like a Department store showroom. There is nothing special everything flash card style.

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