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Monday, 25 February 2008

New Painterly Asian Beauty Skin

See, this head is made by my friend Saitot - a sculpty head - a new sexy look :) She will show me how to make a skin.

How about a truly Asian skin? With the classic Asian beauty ? I believe there is a distinctive beauty for each shape and tone for every race.

Hmmm, this opens a section on Beauty, and beauties of all types.

I saw a girl on the subway last week, small eyes, oval shape face, plum blossom mouth... exactly what i see in Ancient paintings of an Asian Beauty. These are not the Western norm of big eyes, large mouth, not Julia Roberts; and not these strange "Asian high cheek bones", slant eyes going upwards - exotism; typically triangular, harsh, flat and angular with pointy chins, shapes rather "aggressively strange" tinted with lackluster sienna - that often we see in ads when they want to show Asian type. Though lately the ads have improved. The Asians chosen are now tinted versions of the Caucasian faces.

Check a painting by Chen Hong Shou, a Ming Dynasty painter. Here we see what curves mean. It does not necessarily mean hour glass curves, big breast small waists. It is more wave like, as in water, in the overall contour of flowing curves.

I will make a new skin, the painterly Asian beauty, delicate, soft lined, no bone structure visible type of ideal soft lined beauty. For example, Monica Bellucci is such a beauty. Her overall shape is round, we dont see any bone shapes, entirely enveloped in smooth cushiony flesh, and not at all stout. This is an ideal of what female beauty is like - its not Madonna with muscles all over. Muscles are also beautiful, it is just not the specifically female type of beauty. There are all kinds of beauty.

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