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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Very nice day! Bercy, Cite Cine ugc Bercy, and a surprise sl discovery !!!

A visit to a Japanese sim, because they sell sewing notions! People invent all kinds of things in sl. These tiny pin cushions etc... everything.

Met a geneologist lady at the Festival de Jardin Chaumont sur Loire today. I had two glasses of champagne and many little sandwiches, was totally late! Went to the wrong place - turns out that Chais are general names of all these little brick ex-wine making places!

Anyway, i am glad i made it to the place. There is something very nice about the reception. How to receive and make them feel happy, and warm and welcomed? Thats hospitality ... isnt it. The lady told me about meeting Jeanne Moreau, who is in her 90s, when a journalist ask to speak with her, she hushed the journalist over to a very comfortable place, and make the journalist feel all ooooh aaaaah... now that is a lesson isnt it? Even Jeanne Moreau makes this superb effort, a real display so everybody talks about it later... win win win all the way. :)

Now, today, why was i late? There is another discovery even more spectacular online, in my sl world today... hmmm cant reveal it now here.... but will be revealed when its time.

S has send me back the cd with her cat drawings... she really enjoys creation!
Its so nice to see. These family cats, doing human things.

Sunny day, cold wind, i took out my huge sun glasses - so when i fall asleep in the train going home, no one will see... hahahah

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