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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

DiDine, robots, and macaroon cookies

Watching live shows, sharing viewing experience together; its not exactly the same as watching it at home by yourself on a computer... This is a screen within a screen. You can share "movie viewing" experinece this way. :)

Didine, the french contemporary girl who lives in Lyon - who is so nice to everyone, and her friend the snappy fashion coquette girl, the one who jumped to her death. And a young girl with her petit vieux - whom she married, happy as can be. The star of the movie - one of them aside from DiDine, is that old white hair chic aunt of a handsome young man. This aunt, dry, smart, well brought up - was smothered by conservatism of bourgeois upbringings... see how poor she is, poor and respectable, she missed her life. No money, she buys these little soft cookies, offers them to Didine, didine took it to the toilet (she saw how the aunt licks the cakes and puts them back in the package - she would have liked to eat cakes, but these... hmmm. So Didine buys real macaroons, those expensive cookies, not a few, but at least two dozen! Wow, this is such a contrast. Its like 200 times more expensive than the Lu cookies!!

When the aunt finally accepts to tasting them, she bites a small mouthful, the flavour that she doesnt like, she spits them out again! To show how fussy this woman is... and then she bites into different ones making comments and telling her memories of her youth...

Didine is a sweet person, but why how did she get into her "rut" ? We dont know, but in the end she got her man. :)

Very subtle fine movie.

Compared to the Halle Berry, What we lost in the Fire... there is a difference of zillion meters... No amount of crying can convey a sadness as the lady licking an ordinary industrial cookie from the package.

Well, I didnt write this well enough, i know.
Just to keep a record of what i saw.

This is my year of the movies, secondlife, and maybe robot making!

These are short notes to myself.

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