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Friday, 1 February 2008

real life : the weakest point

I was writing my paper on the Digital Guqin Museum, suddenly I noticed I couldn't upload the paper! I had missed the deadline by ONE month, due to the registration date and paper deadline date are similar, and it skipped my mind!

So now, I re-evaluate why and how did this happen?

Sometimes its so strange, I begin to think there is some super natural forces. So far in my life, I had important letters lost through strange circumstances. I had imagined the lost letters - via post - was an excuse of the sender... but 2 years later, I received them with many post marks... the letter had been travelling around the world! and finally arrived 2 years later!

Exporting sl to rl is a lot more work then going from rl to sl - people say the learning curve is steep... but the other way around involves not only a "learning curve" anymore.

It involves real life collaborative efforts, and at any step of the way, if someone suddenly weakens, your structure is only as strong as the weakest point.

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