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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Double Decker bus, Beach side donut vender, xo olpc

Double Decker bus built by Five March - she kindly sold me a copy!

I am buying a mobile bus to put fun things and drive it around to catch some viewers... after all, ice cream trucks, mobile library, bread delivery, hot dog stands, arent these all good? This is an attempt to bring an elegant music through a grassroot conveyor.

So I looked at some buses. A donut beach side bus, and a DoubleDecker, definitely when i saw the DoubleDecker, its really charming. Of course all this is second to what i really want, an Airstream! But I will make my own. :)

This Double Decker everymans museum is similar to XO olpc idea, bringing something new, un reachable to people for whatever reason, time, money, simple lacune... people just didnt know about it.

What I like is the discovery, the first moment of seeing a door opening, and the joy.

I want to get an XO One Laptop per child computer. I wanted to get a doubledecker bus - well, I got one from Five. She happened to be making one, so I ordered one from her. :) This is similar to my interest in the Airstream Bambi... but the Double decker is no Bambi.

I had a contact from Texas... they wanted to do a conference on secondlife... hmmm, how about XO + Secondlife? How could that be done?

I wanted to make a comic book with my Secondlife photos... thousands of them now. But I have no energy to do it right away. It takes much concentration.

And my eyes are killing me. I must not look at the screen so much.

So, i wont be online for a while. :)

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