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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wong Dai Sin of Hong Kong

I just found a Wong Dai Sin website, it explains who, when, where was Wong Dai Sin originated from. Wong Dai Sin is a local Diety in Hong Kong. Everybody knows Wong Dai Sin.

So, I had started to use his poems a few years back to train students in poetry writing because its their local cultural reference and would be more fun. Grass root fun.

This time, i took the book and put it into Secondlife - for people who might want to find some answers from the Oracle Consultation Method.

Took me a whole morning to click and retrieve the oracle from a website - i already have the original wood engraving copy, but found a text version from a website. But i must draw countless times in order to get all the Oracle Poems. Several times, the Oracle says, please pay more attention to your question, recite a few times in your heart before clicking!! hahahahha. I clicked too often too fast for the Oracle... not enough concentration!

Anyway, for curiosity, and a little test - I started to think of a way to see if and would we get what we want if we tried insistently? if we persevere? While I am doing this repetitive task... sooooo boring. So finally i got down to 5 Poems that still need to be retreived. I said to myself, how many times must i click before i get exactly the poem i want?

In fact, its between 3 to 15 times. Even for the final one - imagine, 1 out of 100, i got it after 7 times!

But some numbers do come up more often than others. During all the clicking, no.1 came up onces, no.76 came up ones, and lots of others came up at least 20 times. It took me 3 hrs to retrieve all the poems via this random draw method.

I like my oracle book in secondlife, i hope people come to consult it.

Its a three step procedure, according to real life.

1/ Draw a random Oracle poem

2/ Draw for a confirmation, if you click and get //# # //= confirmation

if you did not get a confirmation, then the Oracle Poem was not meant for you, and you must re-draw another poem - then try to get it confirmed, once you have Poem+Confirmation sign, you go to next step

3/ reading and interpretation of the confirmed poem.

Enjoy, come get your Oracle for the new lunar year!


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