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Friday, 22 February 2008

Gift from Geeks

I looked at Aimee Webers site, very nice and clean, also very good article on the reality of "going Pro" for people who has some dreams of making a living from living in sl. Then I looked at the Midnight city SIM, it was empty except for me, and one other wandering Japanese.

I also read the very famous informative blogger - Wagner James Au

This confirms more and more what i feel about Secondlife, because of the information and general overall capacities. It is most useful for people who want to explore, test an idea in rl with enthusiastic,always kind and willing viewers of others online, on a small scale. A true virtual world community - thats not a negligible world of exchange!

From a users point of view, Secondlife has been a kindergarten for real life.
A very unique, creative, 3d immersive, graphic tool enabled kindergarten with children from all over the world - and it allows anyone to do kindergarten all over again in any subject. Isnt this a gift of a sort from geeks?

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