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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Lenovo Island, 3Immersive, Chinese lessons classroom, csecondlife,

I visited a new Chinese Secondlife, only 18 people have changed Lindens here, its really very new. I checked the Chinese school, with the lessons. Flash files, such beautiful sounds, and huge calligraphy letters with brush strokes to show you how to write!!!

Its got an ambiance of the new China. Really nice! It has a very clean large scale corporate business look. There is a school, a huge huge Bank, hotel, sky blue color new bus - large glass windows - and all the general town planning items of a new section of town. Its quite close to reality! The Chinese school is housed in a Suzhou garden structure complete with lattice windows, Confusionist style tables and cushions.

Bamboo tables, Power Point screens - Chinese lessons with notes - I got a few lessons from the Note givers. The dialogue is contemporary Chinese conversation. If we have sl avatars all learning at the same time, this could be a very lively exciting immersive language experience. The first lesson begins on 3March2008. :)

Have a look! lenovo 156, 79, 41. Exciting, i am happy to not see - yet - another Chinese shopping mall type of get up. This looks and feel fresh, its smells like a normal place, not a commercial only place. Good. :)

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