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Friday, 2 November 2007

Saruku, Five, Salmaru shop opening

Today, I decided is it true that if you put your mind to make something work, it often does work. It is so hard to sell a post card to a Japanese person. I talked to many people and most of them says Niet, bad idea, you need to apply to the government of Japan first for the Private Information Mark... hoooo, for a dollar post card service!

Anyway, so I asked everyone, I mean EVERYONE. And most of them either they think its a good idea but they dont have 500 linden, or their cat will be worried... hahhahhah

Anyway, but a stroke of luck, Saruku came to visit, and he wanted to try my service!
So, my target has been reached today!

While I was trying my best to sell a card to a Japanese person, I visited all the places where i knew some people and came across the Grand Opening of Salmarus Shop today, as I really admire his work and having no other flowers other than potted chrsyathemums (so funeral like) or huge heather patches (not a all the kind of flowers for an opening...), i found a single rose from CFT. So i offered him that
hope he liked it... :) felt a small achievement! in sales)

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