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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Day Off

Today is my day off. I went to an auction, there was a little tiny red table, flimsy made in the 60s, with tiny drawers - it must have belonged to a little lady. The color is an orangy red, very popular in the 50s. I opened on drawer, it was stuffed with zippers and odds and ends. I open another one, same thing... the man came and told that i must not open the drawers.

He brings a cardboard box and emptied everything into the box. Suddenly, I am not interested in the table nor the content.

What was interesting was the way the desk was stuffed in this disorderly fashion odds and ends. Now that its all emptied, the desk is not charming anymore and the content worthless. They broke the installation.

After that, we drove from this pretty little town into the center of Paris, along the seine, there was a huge traffic jam. So I said, hmmm i want to maybe get off here, at the Champs Elysee, just to spend 3 hrs here... oh, no no no, maybe Pont Neuf, no no no, maybe ok ok, here, Centre Pompidou - no no no, ok ok how about Les Halles, ok this is good. Its all underground warm and i just walk around inside for 3 hours.

So I spent 3 hours at the FNAC looking at all the picture books, monsters - people born with deformities - there was a guy who has a small head on top of his real head - and its real... so I read this book standing up. Then all the computer stuff, the cd, the dvd, the comic books, the Asian books, the true witness accounts... Waris the beautiful Somalian model, more movies. Then I went to the movie house, nothing interesting. Looked at all the magazine stand... new calendars are out 2008 already 2008.

Then Ircam... lots of nice post cards at Ircam.

Today, I felt like doing nothing.

Then I just took the underground home.

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