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Sunday, 4 November 2007

some sl realities, white pet lion, Hiroko, DoubleDew White Tower Gone, grass root feedbacks, scripting class

I went to see how English learning is conducted in sl, while I was talking to a very nice white pet lion, in flew a learner. He has very precise goals in his English learning - no.1, only native speaker teacher, and no.2 erase his ummmms, hesitations.
I said that some foreigners speak a very clean and elegant English that no native speaker could compare - he didnt like this piece of new information and flew into a rage. very aggressive, he demanded that I read his chatline. And said what good is clean English when nobody understands what you are saying? The Wite Lion asked him if he thought learning vocabulary and grammer is important, and that hesitation in speaking is very important. This hmmmmm, in conversation is very important.

Within 2 minutes, I know this is sl. (The learner will go to a job interview tomorrow, he wants the job! He thinks he must erase this hesitation in order to get the job)

Digtal learners are goal oriented - of course, because the computer only understands very precise instructions. Because of this language specification, people who work in computers change their thinking in order to match with the nature of the computers. Precision, clarity in goal is the key to getting things done.

Whereas in the analogue real world, there is a fuzzy logic which is very important for survival - because in the real world thera are lots of unending richness of details that in a virtual world is not feasible, and impossible to render without limits.

On the otherhand, I am always amused that in sl, a lot of the snap shots are graphically clean, simply because the information itself is simple. All snapshots are clean lined, no fussy details to disturb the lines - but these pics are often flat and not very intersting to look at.

Sl is for everyone - sometimes its pointless - a total waste of breath to discuss things in this everybody's an avatar world.

Now I know more about sl.

Sl is a good teaching platform as it enables entry level for everyone, and soon the various expertise level goes up, you have to go from sl to rl then. Because sl is a miniature 3D immersive environment. When you want it to zoom in more, to enable more, you must exit to real life.

Just like in biology - beyond a certain scale, you are in another classification, you are in chemistry... :)

One nice thing happened today, the twin tower that i like very much, DoubleDew, is gone!
I liked it very much, open planning, clean and airy, no sex balls not an abandonned orgy castle like soooo many of the sl creations. However, i like it even better that the land is now available, i imagine that this is a nice a long strip of land with club fabulous tokyo behind me and Five Daisies infront, the musuem beside me and a long ride all the way down through Saitot mall to the waterfront edge to the ocean.

Suddenly i think, maybe Five is interested in this double strip too...

Hmmm I must ask her.

Hiroko in rl has a computer consultancy company - after I told her about the sl-rl postcard service, she immediately thought of how to execute the idea and unlike almost ALL of the other people who thought about privacy issues, and all kinds of limitations. She puts this query into action and propose to have it published in a magazine, and then marketing, and then,... etc etc.

The mama san at FoxyLady thought the idea is interesting but doesnt fit with her club also privacy issues. She is more daring than some other avatars and has at least given it a thought.

A girl at the FoxyLady said that to do this postcard business because of the address issue, i must ask the govenment of Japan to have accrditation ... :)

Where in rl could I have all these responses within a week?

So I do appreciate sl - it maybe rough, but, its speedy! and authentically grassroot level... hoooooooo

Last event of the day in sl
a scripting class... how do they teach online? a Scripting class?
At BCU beach-sky Classroom New Citizens Incorporated
Very interesting, very clear note cards with build in objects, a good class.
8 students

Very convincing, good.
The lesson was on scripting chat, listener, sending messages... etc.

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