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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hiroko, Yosi, Five, new garden, Salmaru taxi, Digital Guqin Museum

Actually i hate shopping malls, i never go shopping in a mall. Gives me a headache.

My neighbour wanted me to open up a passage way so she could direct shoppers to go from the French Shopping mall to her own - i said no problem no problem - and made all my lace screens phantom - but she asked me to remove them, or better still move my house altogether!!! wowow... I cant believe my ears, she wants to make my garden part of the highway to her shop !

NO. That is incredible!

A garden cannot be made into a highway, the ambiance will be ruined !

There are all kinds of shopping experiences, underground grungy, soft boutiques, marriage salons, 50s retro styles, garage sale, they are all good. Only we must pay attention to the negotiation of various spaces, the ambiance etc. These two humongous black glasses in boxes - from the 80s and early 90s are styles of architecture that i do not like to begin with. On top of it, the merchandise are not specifically directed in any niche... its a general shopping mall. The kind that you find in a middle class suburban area - with no particular character.

So, finally, i had to be honest with my urbanist mall owner, I said, all shopping styles are good, however, i am making a garden, and i dont want black glass box shopping mall to be scenery. And sometimes, shopping spaces are not compatible, a mariage boutique is not the same as garage sale is not the same as grocery stores not the same as supermarkets, they are all different, they dont mix, I have nothing against shopping malls, only that i am building a Digital Guqin Museum garden, a clubhouse here, and I dont want to see shopping malls as scenery. Everybody could undertand that, cant they? Its not a question of preference of tastes, but everybody could understand that when you are in a green nice garden for a moment of peace you dont want to see shopping center and be in the middle of a highway visually...

and we all have our wishes and dreams. So, I understand this.
Hahahah, so goes the first serious negotiation with my good friend and dear neighbour.

She backs down - no more "why dont you move your mushroom house, you have other land... you are not the owner..." What!!! challenging by questioning my rights to landownership! (When people want something, they become very human, they just want it want it want it...)

She asked if i could rent her a corner - of course not, how could i ruin the volume of the garden by putting in this rikiki triangle of passage way? - so she could fly her highway by the corner... or remove my "donut" (what? i ruin my volume by removing "a donut"? ) ... its impossible. When it comes to stylistic differences. We cannot argu, it gets too sensitive. So we just have to see who is the owner, and how to resolve the land issues.

I have already made all my screens phantom so the shoppers can come through technically - in any case in sl, there wont be "wear and tear" due to high volume passage unlike in rl. I must preserve my esthetic design!!! Nobody comes this way anyway!

In fact, I didnt like having my mushroom spa house opening onto a shopping mall!!! But I kept silent. I didnt want to hurt the others feelings - besides as shopping malls go, this mall is already very airy and much more pleasant than those no frill shelving warehouses - so i kept quiet. However, its still a shopping mall - i dont want to open onto a shopping mall. Wrong combination.

Now that the Museum is developing day by day. The ambiance of the garden must be carefully handled - including human relationship and friendship - and no wrong ambiance compromise.

In fact I want this space under the spa house to be a cool hangout, a little bar, with a taxi, people can hang out, big billboard, have a beer, wine, a picnic, enjoy the views of fields and fields of un-occupied land beyond. This is the intermediate space between the real museum and a bar/social area - then beyond to the shopping malls.

The musuem will be farther up on the hill in the back, in a lace like tower where each brick is a guqin rezzer. You click, and will see rezzed instantly in front of you a model of a guqin with proper titles, in both chinese and English and you could test play it eventually. There will be one hundred of these working guqins. And I will select a special repertoire for each model. That will be quantitatively large amount of work.

Five flew in, she gave me a starry golden nugget to be placed on the ground, sparkling gold ground lights, so i put a few of these down. To guide the shopper to my neighbours shopping center. These look like fireflies. Very nice. Now, its a discreet guidance towards another space... whether its shopping, or whatever. Sexy bar, whatever.

And I notice, my neighbour has kindly put in new tree textures for her glass screen, so now i no longer see giant size rabbits and furnitures etc. A corner of the mall has been opened up and the traffic has been formally directed through Fives terrace into the shopping mall. Good solution for everyone!!

Yosi of the West Side bar has offered to put my poster in her shop. And she puts it in the center. Very nice on the glass block wall. This glass block airy nice bar with never any clients is next to the new Izakaya bar, with a parking lot vending area of Salmaru goods. Salmaru is one of my favorite sl designers.

Hahah, his objects have great charms. Loud slurping sound of eating ramen, soba, snoring animations with stomachs moving up and down... I offered to send him a real life gift postcard, but he said, he is Salmaru of sl, and he wants just to be known as such. sl is separated from rl.
He gave me many gifts, and among them, this lovely taxi complete with Salmaru avatar as chauffeur. Its perfect for the Digital Guqin club House.

When its parked below the mushroom spa house, cheers people up. They find it funny. People come to my club in a taxi! Or, the Swannjie Postal Service uses Taxis to deliver... Hahahahah

Hiroko bought 2 cards, one for her sister and one for her mom. She also wants to be my agent. Got to figure out how to do payment? This is a new micro business venture.

I put up the new poster for an updated realistic price starting 25nov07

Meanwhile, I send jpeg files of the same poster, to be printed in regular B4 size to be posted in real life in NY, in Toronto, in HK, in Shanghai, in Beijing, everywhere... whereever the contacts estimate that its suitable.

Now, i could see if anyone from real life wants a real life post card.
People from secondlife want them... what about people from real life?

A postcard coming from sl to rl is more interesting than a postcard thats simply rl to rl.

Something magical, a little like a miniature cartoon world blossoming into rl.

At least for the time being.

In two years time, when people buy their real clothes through tryiing them on their avatars instead of going themselves... this magic would have been long gone.

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