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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Good design details: garagara, flying surfboard/cruiser, Magic Flying Machines/Guqin Museum, Artist Studio with sculptie fishes

sl is for Dreams come True: whether its a huge giant American size home, or sex with beautiful girls, or magic wands that emits putric looking clouds... flying surf boards with your gal/guy avatar...

Yesterday, while i was checking the making of the super Hanako store, there was a flying object with a person on it. It was a flying surf board for 3 people. So we could fly in the air and dance at the same time. It was marvelous to feel that you could dance in the air and surf at the same time. The surf board comes with a pet-mode
you call "come" and the surf board comes to you!

It is a soft small dream come true, isnt it? Thats an object with wishes embedded.

The designer who created the object through modification - and that is a smart way to do things too if something has already a good foundation, why not just customise? If the dream is an original dream its valid as original creation - his name is Kenjiya Oyen - he also showed me a cruiser for 6, with similar capacities of dancing. I rezzed my guqin on the ship while its flying, and it works!

Thats amazing, now i think, why not a flying Digital guqin museum? Guqin playing is for small groups anyway... so I got some parts from him and will try to put it together. A magic flying guqin machine/msuuem.

I also visited a Giant size Artist studio of a sort, with sculptie whales, fishes and we could lie underneath in the water watching. Reminds me of an aquarium in Osaka that you could walk inside, the walls are made of 12 inch thick plexiglass, and the height of the building is several stories high with the plexi walls cutting a path inside the aquarium so we could walk through the spaces.

Since I lost my taxi, Salmaru showed me how to get another one - all free - there is a stand infront of the Iseya bar; a little green tombola with a handle size of a toy stands on top of the boxes, you turn it, and it tells you what prize you got. Hhahahah. This method is called "garagara" - so i turned it, got a bicycle, turned it, got a t-shirt, turned it, got someother thing. No taxi. Salmaru said, wait, he fidded, then i turned, voila : a taxi!!! And he said, First Prize.

Salmaru recreate not just the objects with precise focus on the charms of the objects, but he gives you the whole package - the experience of these objects, how its used, the way of life thats linked to these objects. A work bicycle is not just a heavy duty bike, it comes with a tray with 2 large bowls of noodles and animation for riding such a delivery bike, and the noodles comes with loud slurping sounds of eating noodles - people deliver lunch to offices with noodles just like this! Its a way of life that has disappeared. Nostalgic, lovingly, he recreated them for us to enjoy in sl. His creations are all free. Available at Iseya store, located on the parking lot between Iseya bar and West Side bar.

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