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Thursday, 8 November 2007

musuem sketch

In sl, we could do sketches easily by just dragging rough shapes, blocking off areas of places where we want to try out things.

The result of this is ... everyday people add and subtract, re-arrange. The huge poster that i had put for this nice little wooden boutique is gone, after just one day! It is now a huge shopping center. The poster will go back after the new shop is done but so fast. Blink and the shop has changed.

Sim owners has to constantly think of how to drag people to their sim. Changing of look, ideas, clothing collections. Everything has to move, frantic, even with this non stop activity - the sims are almost always empty.

As I was greated by this avatar, she said my house is here. I didnt have time to look, and soon shes gone. When i was done with my meeting, i jsut went in and strolled around to see what dream this gal had.

Next day, i came back, there was red tapes around the property. She was inside the house. DingDong out she comes - just like the lady that she is dressed in.

She said no sorry you cant visit... and then a bunch of japanese words...

I have never been refused before. Suddenly I think, this is one person i should take off my list. Because, in sl just like in rl, everybody should do what they like.

If they dont feel like showing their house. Then, I should also not wish to see it. Also not wish to see the owner as well.


As Five so wisely says, never criticise others, just do your own thing.

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