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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

University of Submission, Hot air balloon

The first thing i bought was a hotair balloon in secondlife. Finally, 3 months later, i remember and took it out. Wind rider, its a cute little balloon with a round wicker basket. Very calm and drifting, its like a camera on automatic.
Five, Elk, me and some other people took rides in it.

Yesterday, out of research requirements, i had to visit many places. At Hell and Heaven, i met Wilma, a German girl. She had a coca-cola laquer suit with zippers at breast level and crotch level and purple neck collars and arm bands. She said she is in sl for sex reasons - but some people are really sickos. They want to see her real photo and real voice chat... for money. She is not into that, she is just into games which she would not do in real life. She goes to a University of Submission, so i went and have a look. What kind of reporter am I, if I skipped one of the mainstream occupations of secondlife?

There was nobody there, i mean there were 3 greeters, squatting with legs open in an animal fashion on the lawn, a large campus - like a University building. But inside, its sectioned off, like a floor of a department store, quite empty, with arragements of chairs, pose balls. Quite skimpy in decor. No action seen.

But maybe the fill is the most interesting part, which i did not see.
It looked quite boring.

Not my kind of University.

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