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Friday, 23 November 2007

Hanako, Abbe de Choisy, Gion, Hovercraft

I started to read a book by the L"Abbe de Choisy - it was a book just lying around from among the boxes of books - this one caught my eye because this man who lived in 1646 - was a high ranking Religious Abbot - who dresses in womens clothes, writes about Louis XIV. He has many lovers, women - all this is because his mother raised him as a girl!
They rubbed things on his face from age 5, so that the roots of his facial hair died - he has no beard stubs as an adult. Lover of jewelry and beautiful women things, he is a good writer. Very honest about himself. He said, he arrived at his position due to no merit of his own - it was a favor granted to his mother to place him at this position. And Louis XIV didnt like him, what ever he proposed, it was refused. However he still speaks the truth, as a secondary account of the life of Louis XIV - he tells his life experiences in great detail with a fine sense of diplomacy. He was his mothers scribe at age 10. Everyday he spent 3 hrs at her bed side to help her respond to mails - his mother was a very shrewd and successful business women. Friend of Queens - people in high places. Choisy said, he cannot undo himself of this habit of loving to dress in womens clothes, to undo this, he goes gambling. But once the gambling activity stops he goes back to wearing womens clothes.

I think, of course he cannot "un do" wearing of womens clothes, becasue if he was raised this way, his pleasures, his sense of value were all formed in such a specific context, if you undo all this, he has nothing else... he would have had to re-construct from scratch. And in all honesty, no one system is really superior to another, why should he change? He has all the comforts and convenience that his position, friends, could all support him. Maybe a little strange but no more poeple get used to the way you look. :)

The saddest thing i think is to be without contacts, without context, you would go crazy.

I learnt a lot from his book, I think really i enjoy reading this type of human oriented books and not some serious analytical text. I must admit, I like this kind of text. Good writing and complete in details. This is a great gift anyone could give another person - a true account of what he is and how he lived his life.

I flew around in the hotair balloon in Gion again today, and met the producer of the SIM, i didnt know she was the producer. Gion is somewhat like Isakaya, but its modeled after the Geisha district of Kyoto. The charm is that of a stage set, it is not as warm as the Izakaya village. The scale is different.

Salmaru said the old Izakaya will open in anther place soon. But who will be presiding at the bar all the time, no answer.

He gave me a Hover craft today. I rotated it around so that I am sitting in it like a throne. He said, Swann, you have to rotate it to sit like this... he puts it back upright. I said but i like it like this, i rotated it, ... and he said "this posiiton is Illegal!"

hahahah, in sl, there is such a thing as "illegal" for riding a vehicle!

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