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Monday, 26 November 2007

4 more posters, the Ping test

I put up three more posters - one at Eagles place, he had a rolls royce car sex bed that i find quite nice. What else do you need when you have one of these? Sleep, go anywhere.

Then one at Chinese campus. Next to an atm machine, infront of a classic Chinese shop, next to Made in Switzerland! There was something really impatient in the air.

sl is best used for enjoyment.

Its value for now is in enjoyment, if have other expectations - high expectations - maybe our disappointments will not be so enjoyable.

the sl world is a reduced world - poor in info - everything is bare and rude. If someone says I love you - you can embellish the rest yourself. However the reverse is also true - to soften the communication, a lot of redunduncy is needed.

I put one poster at a new Japanese cafe, you could really sense the joy of the owner. She had two chairs strawberry red and heart shape and she put my large bill board on top of the grey wall. A Minimalist architecture. Very nice, all this pink and romantic ambiance - she just build her house yesterday. We sat in the chairs and took pictures together. A very nice moment.

There were two others, i didnt have time to visit the site.

One thing that was so funny yesterday. A friend had talked about big big rl business... then i asked, if i were to be considered as a collaborator, how about you buy a card - buy a card from me.

And that was the end of this discussion. How could you do real life anything when such a small thing as receiving a post card to any address - is already unsuccessful!

Its like sending out a Ping and it never got any responses, the network is blocked.

If the first Ping is already dead, how could anyone imagine the next step?

The Swannjie postal service is really a Ping test, to see who can successfully send back the Ping, a first tiny step towards anything fruitful.

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