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Saturday, 1 December 2007

postcards, what someone told me

this postcard idea has been applauded - brilliant etc etc

in fact, 800lindens is big money in sl, but since its a real object, and non-repeatable hand made analogue card. Its really not at all expensive, its a small price that anybody could afford in real life.

So in this special niche, who would buy such a card?

The Ping test.

People worried about privacy will not buy. (even though its just ANY real address and not a personal address thats needed)
People who keeps themselves in sl and thinks in terms of sl economics will not buy. (They temporarily suspend their rl lives)

People want to sent as open play thing to girlfriend boyfriend in sl buy
People want to sent to sl secret girlfriend boyfriend can buy
People wanting to give a surprise and smile will buy
People who likes new art experiment will buy
People who sees the charm of old snail mail handwritten cards will buy
People who wants a real souvenir from Paris will buy
People with a business sense will promote and buy

People who wants to get a piece of a numbered piece of mail art will buy
People who has a human sense - will buy

A friend dropped in today, she told this:
She thinks around 25% of internet online users are,terminally ill, or handicapped, or simply unemployed. Internet lets all this go un-noticed, and they could freely enjoy emotional attachments and when someone goes away, disappears, never log on again, the hurt is real hurt. She said that i must be careful, that without knowing, I might be hurting someone and not know it.

I explain that, in reality - everyone needs to grow, and people all grow at various speed - there comes a point where two people do not share the same mental space anymore that is why someone leaves. When someone leaves, it does not mean "rejection" it just means, for the survival of the person for the person to really be living, that person needs to breathe and go away - they need room to grow.

So, dont take every departure as rejection, every point are meeting points and departure points. Staying would not have any meaning beyond reassurance for the one who wants to stay together.

Its a tough moment when it comes to a turning point, in virtual life as in real life.

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