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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Flower house

I looked outside today, and the Flower House has been returned to my inventory.
So I rezzed it again.

No only was I able to rezz it, I could also rezz the koto instrument - which is a high density prim object.

I enjoy being inside the Flower House, so I let my avatar lie on the bed, cushy cushy and continue on with my other work. Had some coffee, cake rah rah rah, when I came back, I saw another person very close to me... this person is inside my Flower House!

She is sitting on the couch, in a purple white kimono with plum blossoms and snow flakes gently encircling her, in waves, falling around her non stop like a perfume.

She sits as if shes at her home...!

We started a conversation in the most easy, familiar manner. A viola musician she said her father enjoys sl even more than her. Her father is a German professor.

I took out the koto and had it played... oh, this is the ambiance that we both enjoyed! So quiet and soft, warm, veiled in pink petals and not behind hard cold surfaces. What a moment.

My avatar Swann bb lying in the day bed with one round plump pillow sheathed in summery small floral bed sheets, she looks pampered and deserves it, yummy time. I feel just like her! :)

My feminity without too much sweetness, just fresh and cool - now, who designed this jewel of lightness and grace? TigerLilly Plisskin, and the name of the flower house - Myst-Flower.

Well, what do you know, I went on writing here, and next moment I looked, three more girls are here, they are all sitting on the couch, looking at me...

hahahaha. More visitors... a real gals boudoir...

1 comment:

HIRO said...

Hello, Swann.
I'm Hiroko Mills. Im very glad to talk with you today.

I just want to mention about one thing. You wrote your flower house was returned to your inventory.I think this is because I set my land proverty,'autoreturn'. I need to give you some status to allow your prim. Well, let me check how to do that.