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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Tubular House !

Tubular House, Land, Sandbox, 17Aug2007

Secondlife is essentially a 3D website with chat capacities and memories for 3D objects - its the future of the internet.

The people who make real life money in an important way are the ones who provide the storage memory to people who wants an existence in 3D online. That’s the Anshe Chung, and all those other "land barons", they are selling real memory storage space for players - this memory space is presented as "land" where you could construct 3D objects.

Yesterday, I noticed there are land for sale and you dont have to be a premium member, but you must be a newbie under 90 days old.

Because of a Tubular House on pedestal that I saw, I decided to get a plot there at the newbie place with a special promotion, no need to be a premium member.

So, I purchased two plots in secondlife using Linden dollars that I sent my avatars out to from answering trivia quizzes at a hair place – I get fancy hair and social chat with other avatars, one “girl” asked if she were "too young" for me - for me? to do what? to play with her ... to play what? If I want to ask her to do things, no, I dont want to ask her to do things. Would I like to do things she asked, no, I dont want to do things she asked. I dont want to give instructions, and dont like to be instructed to do things either... She sent me a snap shot of a teenage girl, and also flashed me with an exposed bosom picture of the same girl, then she tried to begin sex talk conversation with me. The only such case, the other times, many interesting funny women and sometimes men too. And some people sat at the coffee table just to hang out... its a natural social space. The quizzes were mainly British and American tv shows, movie, general history, general knowledge type of question... and there were lots of questions on Harry Potter - which I bombed on almost everyone of them. There are also errors - answers that were not on the list of the multiple choice. But its a quiet moment and we really feel the ambiance of a gals place. Relaxing gals place.

I am still a non-paying member until I have found exactly the site I want. Don’t want any shopping malls or weirdos next to me, just like in real life.

My neighbour has a fancy house - a Tubular pre-fab special - which i had seen couple of years back when doing research for spaceships. There is only one left in real life, abandonned from the 50s, very beautiful structure - after I asked her where she got it, she told me that if i contact the creator, he will give a copy for free and its true. He did almost within a few hours.

She also invited me to use her own house whenever I like... she’s a member of a flying club, by chance I am also member as I had purchased a hot-air balloon earlier with my first Lindens earned - we do simulated airplane flying.

Anyway in Real Life,
There are University conferences on SecondLife, I think I will prepare a paper on this topic.
Sl is much more than an online game for me... if it only exists as a game, with pre-determined rules, narrations etc, without any critical points crossing over in real life, it would soon get tiresome because I hate reading computer game rules... in the far away land of Cococosmo, rah rah rah, I soon fall asleep. Sl is open ended.

Secondlife is a 3D web site, an internet environment for self-expression.

You could play dress up, chat - seeing the taste of the other person because they have to dress their avatars up... if you are lazy, your avatar looks – well, like an unformed mass of brown beige plasticine with funny walk. So people fuss with their skin, hair, clothes, sexy walks… even guys! Yes, guys could play “doll” here.

Strange thing is that most avatars have a specific face... thuggies look like thugs, glam man looks like glam man, escort gal has to dress the part with sexy clothing, etc. You would think people take the sl occasion to be someone else - but maybe in the end, it might be an embellished version of themselves, but cant get too far.

A young geeky guy would never drape themselves in diamond chains etc. They will choose cool waist hip pouches, funky boots etc. Young guys will choose a young avatar... etc. , because that’s what they know best.


Somebody is irritated that Swann is exploring sl so much... he’s trying to get my attention.

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