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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Great Happiness

I was visiting a friend, because Five has kindly let me use her new Daisy2 plot as sandbox for a little while. While I was looking for her land, I came across the purple Myst house and the pink Lotus house. E told me that she would get a Lotus and she did. I was very surprised but she has changed, her avatar is a sexy young thing, in a chaise longue, unlike the classic chiffon dress that she always had on. As time went on, I felt that this is really more in line with her spirit, shes spunkier, and just something bouncy in her today.

She took me to see a new Japanese shopping mall, it is not at all the quaint pretty Izakaya or Little Kyoto, or a funky design hip place. Its a corporate backed shopping centre, direct, no non-sense, straight forward boxes and ad publicity panels. We flew there and near the end, we shopped around a bit and said good bye. So I went back to check see if the Lotu house would hold on Daisy2, and E IMed once again, she suddenly said, she bought new land today. This giant size mansion, this American home of the CEO is right there behind me with an American flag. She bought it today.

We visited it inside... a dream come true. She was so happy. Inside it was orderly like a regular huge American house with scissor stairs going up on both sides, like a gone with the wind deal, but contemporary classic.

Large bath rooms, furnitures straight forward, no hidden kinky sex balls in view. There are so many houses in sl that, no matter how big or small, once you get to the bed room there is usually some sex bed, or masturbate shell chairs or something... which makes all these habitats totally unusable for regular purpose - this means jsut sitting quiet and have a place to talk... and always these sex crazed over tones...

But this house is a regular house, no such uncool sex things. As a result you could imagine a lot of events could take place. I think the sex component should be something the avatars buys for themselves and not be embedded in the furnitures. Its much more subtile. Anyway...

E was so happy, it was dream come true for her.
A dream come true. And I was very happy to share this mooment with her.

How often could you really be so excited about getting a huge house like this?
This is a special capacity of sl, a dream come true.

Superjoy, says a friend, like the time when we sat together, 2 human beings (no need to be birds) just ourselves as humans - sitting at the top ledge of a 40 storey high bill board over looking the sea, chatting and drinking, to celebrate the first photo taking session in sl - the joy is real and isnt this magic ?

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