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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Humour, beauty, thrills, charm, love

One of the things I like about sl is the humour, beauty, and kooki thrills,, thats at least 4 things... hmm, and love! Five things. Actually a lot more.

I overheard a public conversation at the Hair camping place that if you need a job in sl, you search under classified - and you could make lindens. So Swann checked that out.

One job she rather liked was being DJ, she checked out the club, very nice, softly built with fun dancing... it was a Lesbian only club. There was a lot more attention to details than the other dancing escort clubs. So the feminine aspect of the design really shows! And they had a freebie room, also very nicely done, you enjoy looking at the merchandise. The merchandise had very helpful advice attached to it - again care and attentiveness. There were a few gals dancing, and Swann was greeted in a friendly way.
Swann has never been DJ before, would her application be accepted?

Another job that was really artistic in a humourous way was being "Living Art" at a Gothic, castle (Kitaro 32, 221,116) You explore a scary huge, giant size mediaeval castle, there are some many red balls on the walls in the castle, if you click on any one of them, you are entrapped in some torture rites - differnt soft tortures - and you get paid for the time you accept to be "Living Art". 1 linden per 6mn of torture.
So, Swann was trapped in a cobweb, frantically fanning herself while these bugs are crawling all over... its really funny. Swann took a souvenir picture of herself.

Then Swann went and took her houses down, because one week of being land owner is enough in sl. A friend has invited her to install permanently at the Club Fabulous Tokyo, Swann chose to plant her flower house behind the bandstand and infront of the White Teddy Bear. To put the "For Sale" sign on the ground, she went to ask help from her Japanese wizard friends, but none of them are interested in this ordinary task - though very important in sl life, you only look around and you will see "For Sale" everywhere. Fancy avatars, lingerie, automobiles, pose balls, entire houses, everything in freebie places, but none in "For Sale" signs.

Finally, a good friend of Swanns - swift and pro - she made up one for Swann, that Swann pasted on a huge ball, and left it on the newbie plot. And a geisha at a teahouse gave Swann a Dragon Bone script to display text to wear above her head, just in case it might be handy.

In newbie land, the neighours put up huge highrises - its a water park with a huge water slide! As they are building quickly, they just pop into your house and check around then, gone. They just flew around without time to say hello! No greetings, no time, and the buildings are 100% ground coverage... zero green spaces, and red lines all around the blocks - very unpleasant - to fly around this community.

While Swannjie jie waited for her Hair - the Wild Plum set - a guy came by and asked about Swanns twin, Swann jie, where is your twin? he asked. Oh, so you noticed - Swannjie jie said. Yes, he is in love with her twin. Why? You have never talked to her? Yes, I did, a little. I fell in love with her, while you two were drinking... one Saturday. Oh, yes, I remember, we were so drunk we kept falling off our camping stools. :) He said, he is arranging his Date Cards. Date Cards? What is that? He send one over immediately, yes, he is looking for a wife/girl friend in sl, though he is married in rl, and in his profile it is stated clearly that, there is little chance of crossing over from sl to rl. But, would Swannjie jie accept a date?

That, is the beginning of Love. LOVE.

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