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Monday, 13 August 2007

Koto, Little Kyoto, SushiMetals sushi shop under waterr

Today, I visited once again the various usual spots to see whats going on, and I showed Five the Izakaya place and ended up... great chance! Meeting the one who knows where to get the koto!

I quickly get myself teleported thanks to Ken, and voila, voila, the Qin in plain Chinese character - koto - all ready to go. I paid immediately and took it back to the sandbox and played with it.

To my delight, the designer/creator/scripter, Mr.Rumi has left us an option of putting our own music on it!!!!
I feel so lucky - I could put my Digital Guqin music on it!

Now, all I have to do is to re-design the object itself... shouldnt be THAT hard, should it...?

I also did some craft work - I made my own paper umbrella at Little Kyoto, and its ready to go in 2mn, a beautiful paper umbrella just like my rl parasol (only the one I have is a giant size one for outdoor picnic etc)

Hmmm, happy day today.

I will upload my pictures soon.

SushiMetal is a Japanese guy, fun guy he owns a Sushi shop and its got a large clean room with Botticelli Venus on the wall alongside some child-like spray paint graffiti mounted on canvas. Very chic place when I visited last time, today, hooo hooo, its filled with water... a sushi shop thats in a thigh deep pool... but we are in sl, no damage done, just more splashy fun and I recall this incident in rl, some German friends who are crazy about nudism, they carried a public picnic table into the edge of a lake and had lunch there... so they ate lunch sitting directly in the water with the picnic bench under water - and the table surface above water - as if its floating...

Isnt this great?

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