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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Landmark, female hero avatar, flower house

Yesterday was a very exciting day, that I didnt have time to blog... and still no time to put pic up today... please use your imagination... :)

Because of the Dame de Canton project, I blew up the plan for my friend "Spirited Dog" and put it in, as a reference for his Chinese ship building project. Then he showed me his current work, the head quarters for FBI; what a jump, from Imperial Emporers Hunting Chair to... interrogative woodened bench of a court house. Anyway they were very well made.

"Spirited Dog" was nude upper torso and in funky warrior pants... hmm, that looks like a female dog to me... I see brioche like breasts! I questioned him twice during our meeting, whether this was a normal attire costume for a "Spirited Dog", but got no straight answers.

We played the piano, the koto, the drums on this airy nice terrace - Taka Teatime, the Club Fabulous Tokyo owner had a full band stand of instruments we could all play and have fun... anybody could, no alarming red lines across his property! Thats the beauty of secondlife, since nothing could be damaged unlike rl, why all these mean spirited red lines all over the place? If its to create mystery to enhance a place, it would not work if there is zero openings. And if there are any openings at all and if you knew how to handle a camera, you would be able to roam around inside and see everything anyway... hahahahahahh

While "Spirited Dog" advised me on whats needed to make a stringed instrument - a Digital Guqin based on my real Half HunDun Guqin in rl - an elegant lady in black chiffon evening gown with white upper translucide boundice flew in and she was Japanese. Unlike a lot of Japanese avatars I met in sl, she spoke readily and in a very fluent English... she showed me her land because she has too much and doesnt know what to do with it yet.
She showed me a beautiful Lotus/Rose Myst Flower - I had seen it many times flying by, and thought it was a pop Buddhist icon - meditation is popular in sl - but no. This is a dream house - we all know about Tree Houses in rl and sl, but here, a flower house! Not yet in rl, but in sl... I liked the design and everything inside.

So I got myself one, and planted it temporarily on Taka Teatimes boardwalk leading to his club. I can put it back in my pocket anytime. In rl, the Ancient Taoist talked about putting the world in a magical hulu gourd which is the size of a bottle of cognac, well, everyone in sl has his Inventory, thats our present day hulu. Dream come true! and so easily visible and sharable.

Then I thought, a flower house doesnt take much room, why dont I just buy a small piece of land - and plant a flower. In anycase, I was thinking of buying land to make a bamboo garden to set up a Qin playing Chinese garden...a flower is good! So as I scouted around and found 2 little plots.

Haha, now I have a landmarked address.

I will tell you where it is in due time.

Oh, the female hero avatar, I also met a couple of Japanese at Nagano Castle, he has a shop in Motomachi - said he creates heros, Batman, superman, robotic guys - and gives them free to people for fun. So I said, how about Chairman Mao? "What?" he was puzzled. I said Chairman Mao is a hero... everybody knows him. Then after a while - through translation of Babbler - he said, oh, he only makes Marvel comic heros, oh. Then I said I like elastic man - actually i was thinking of the elastic gal in The Incredibles - the other Japanese gal said she likes Storm. So we convinced him to next make a female hero. He said he would do it without fail. We drank champagne to celebrate this decision.

When its done, I will present him in this blog with a formal write up.

Arent you bored with my details? I am only writing it for myself...

Purchased today: ice cube armchair, flower house, 1 small parcel of land

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