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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Swann visits rl flower house

Swann takes a tour in rl, she was in a rural area of France. As Swann and Swannjie drove drives along a little country road, they came across what looked like a yourte.

The top had a transparent sky light and all around roped in - like a Mongolian yourte - but in modern fabrics, with a wooden terrace. As the car sped pass, Swann said to Swannjie, hey, look a yourte...

Swannjie said, oh, yeah? A woman yelled from the yourte, she said, come in come in, please come in...

So Swannjie said ok ok, you want to look at that thing...

Swann jumped out of the car, and the woman invited both in.

Well, it looked pretty much like the Myst flower house, but in a much larger form. Its 72sq meter she said. Five doors, so it opens onto any side, and she could see her garden. It will be a wild flower prairie garden, because all she has to do is to sprinkle seeds in Spring... then she showed us every nook and corners of her house...

jacuzi head shower, rah rah rah. etc etc.

Swannjie says, thats nice. After another 15minutes of Swann going on with the hostess, Swannjie says to the man of the house, we have salmon in the trunk, should hurry back... hmm.

So Swann said good bye to the folks of King Dome. And compares in her mind, the lotus home by Tilly in sl, and the King Dome of Liz in rl... hmmm.

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