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Monday, 13 August 2007

Dame de Canton :: a Chinese ship 1979 :: rl -> sl

sl :: Camping, People Qi, Chairs, Dragon Bone Pavilion, InuYasha Meiji, Japanese Castle
rl :: Dame de Canton

In sl, people get paid for "camping" - camping transforms human presence into little green dots on the Map, what the Chinese call "People Qi" - a place must have People Qi. A lot of sl places - no matter how beautiful - are just a little weak in PQ, not enough PQ kills everything in the end; both sl and rl.

People are more likely to teleport to a place with swarming green dots - check it out at least.

So, what makes life in a place ? People!
People cant be standing or flying all the time, we would be mentally exhausted!
Need at the minimum a few comfy chairs, or some pleasant sitting places, mobile or fixed.
A newbie friend IM (instant messaged) to me, that she didnt know how to sit in sl, and had been in the game for two days, never sat down at all... a tearful voice.

I decided to first get some beautiful chairs for my sl life.
Why should we have ugly things in sl when you could have beautiful things?

So, I searched for some Chinese chairs and found one in Dragon Bone pavilion. The pavilion is small KungFu warlord den like place, in the centre is placed a red folding safari chair - for hunting expeditions - conquerors for the ancient Chinese explorers.

I contacted the creator, Mr. InuYasha Meiji, who had carefully put together a Chinese chair based on an original in rl, which was a gift from China to Japan, very beautiful. Mr.Meiji puts this chair and many other historically correct furnishings into a Japanese castle. The land is a little tight for this beauty, but we are in sl, and thats what sl is like.. you could find a shopping mall right next door no problem. I kind of like this jumble of surprises, at the same time I know some creations could be ruined by lawlessness too... well take the good with the bad... :) at least, for now.

His next dream project is to build a Chinese Junk ship...these exotic immobile sailboats that we see in sl now and then. But he wants his to be based on bona fide ships - one that could sail really.

So bingo, it so happens that I have a copy of the plans of the famous Dame de Canton, project of a team of young French dreamers in 1979 who had commissioned such a boat, sailed the slow way from China and arrived along the river Seine - where I had the luck to visit the inside.

I quickly scanned the plan for him...

rl + sl => dream come true.

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