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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Une vie de chat ***half

Une vie de chat 2D animation: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol 2010. DVD coming soon.

Very beautiful, perfectionnist fairytale graphics, 2D animation. Caran-d'ache Chalk crayons on paper made into moving image animation.
Very rich colors, very good drawings, sound, music, dialogue all high quality.

Story line is conventional, mainly that of a kind hearted robber, police woman, a mute little girl, gangster, gangster nanny, running around at night jumping from beautiful roof top to roof top in Parisian sky line w all the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame - everything very pretty.

The style of the drawing is very clean and french - all the details are only possible from a french team; or a team that knows intimately the city and habits of small folks.

If you compare this to something like 101 Dalmatian by Walt Disney Studio, you will see that the details are very different due to cultural backgrounds and settings.

But the charm, warmth and comforting feelings from the wrongs will be righted in the end is very satisfying for all. The robber and police woman has a hint of romance in the end - as usual because they would make perfect mom and dad together.

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