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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Kings speech ***, Arietty **

The Kings speech ***

Very moving and informative. I read from Françoise Dolto that stutterers when singing do not stutter. Here, the speech therapist treating King George and becoming his friend relaxes him, helps him make the speech delivery successful. I also see a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth through this film that being King and Queen are not at all what the piece of cake that we imagine.

After watching this, I feel like going to a speech lesson teacher to see if my speech could be buffed up here and there... :) (ie like those little bankers who need a little brush up to improve...)

I see speech as music after watching the film.

Arietty **

More fairy tale stuff from Mizayaki the creator of Porco Rosso etc. Except as expected, hes repeating himself over and over again, the story is flatly sweet w little dramatic bad character, only fading images of kindness upon kindness - i fell asleep near the end. Though I must say it catches the European house dream of Japanese gentille folks. The film was shown in Japanese w subtitles. The room was maybe 10 viewers, and the previous session w many Asian kids - Japanese kids I think. Its so that they could see a film with Japanese language?

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