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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tron **


Lots of special effects, story about games, entering "the grid" (after virtual world online games, social networks, this "gaming on the grid" premise seem not so serious, and father and son fighting to the end together - with slicing disks throwing - the fighters does acrobatic somersauts in mid air, but all their arms are slicing disks, and bars which compiles in an instant into motocycles, airplanes, guns. Then chasing in the air, more shooting. The girl loses an arm which through computer programming is re-generated through little cristal building blocks... everything is acrylic transparent or glossy black with reflector tapes along the body to ressemble a circuit board. Stylistically very 80s, they are walking motherboards with some human emotions. Maybe I didnt catch the story. The music is powerful and effective but not memorable to me.

Why do people think Tron is so great? Somebody told me that the first Tron to get the bright lighting track effects - for example on their suits or their trajectory in flight, they had to paint it in frame by frame!

The first Tron must have been quite impressive from many points of view, computer programming, virtual world, the conceptor ressembling its programme, ideas, so now we get a sequel, the current Tron Heritage. It looks very 80s to me. Because it is a story from the 80s. Should the new Tron also ressemble 80s? If not, why did they do it?

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